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Pecasori Pt. 2

In 0078, Cralasori appears to start trading with Urloguvam as there is an influx of Tin in Cralasori. It just so happens that the only Tin mines at the time were in Urloguvam. With bad blood between The Kingdom of Boetoc and Urloguvam, Cralasori seemed to be the only one who could decide who would…

The Red Pyramid

A Short Story By Nate Butkus The stepping stones around her clicked with the sound of her shoes tapping on them. When she got to the end of the stepping stones she took a sharp left turn and started climbing across the rope ladder. She then turned to the right where there was a hollowed…

Pecasori Pt. 1

Red = Cralasori  Blue = The Kingdom of Boetoc  Green = Urloguvam  Gray = The Bukolu Tribe Yellow = Revekonisada  Purple = Voxodimos  Brown = Bulidos In the year 1 the first records of documented civilization in Pecasori begin. The first record we get is from The Kingdom of Boetoc. Although The Kingdom of Boetoc…

The Yellow Bird

A Short Story By Nate Butkus  Bird. That bird. Yellow, with green eyes, and half crimson half ivory feet. That bird could be burnt with a torch and I would do nothing. I might even ask to burn it myself. That black obsidian ring on the ivory part of his right foot makes me think…

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