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Pecasori Pt. 2

In 0078, Cralasori appears to start trading with Urloguvam as there is an influx of Tin in Cralasori. It just so happens that the only Tin mines at the time were in Urloguvam. With bad blood between The Kingdom of Boetoc and Urloguvam, Cralasori seemed to be the only one who could decide who would win the upcoming conflict. While technically neutral in the dispute, it was likely that Cralasori would support Urloguvam. One factor in this was the Urloguvam-Cralasori Tin Trade. Another was Edoal which they saw as coming from The Kingdom of Boetoc. They thought that Edoal was a plague on their nation and put harsh laws in place banning Edoal. Around this time, Cralasori, Revekonisada, Voxodimos, The Bukolu Tribe, and Bulidos all start to colonize some of the uninhabited land near them. Around this time we also become aware of a new Nation called Nalois who rose up as a part of a failed colonial attempt by Voxodimos. 

Cyan = Nalois 

In an attempt to not be immediately be destroyed by Voxodimos, Nalois makes an alliance with Urloguvam and Cralasori forcing Cralasori to officially ally with Urloguvam against The Kingdom of Boetoc. In the year 0081, a trade caravan carrying Tin heading toward Cralasori was robbed by bandits. Two of the caravan members were killed and about $10,000 worth of Tin was stolen.


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